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Who We Are

About the company


The Craft Space is a place for crafters, who love handmade products. We are a small company founded by Gitali Sharma, who is also a creator like you and is based in Raritan, NJ.

We offer live online Soap-making classes where you will be creating cold process soaps in real time with us.

If you are not looking to learn soap making, you can enjoy the handmade products available on our website. We make sure every product or service we offer is of the highest quality.

Our priority is to create a beautiful experience for you, whether you learn to make soaps with us or buy our products. Our products are made in the USA. They are also Vegan, Cruelty-free, Palm oil-free, and packaged in Eco-friendly packaging.

Our mission

Our mission is to educate crafters by providing various handmade product courses. We believe in providing you with the best experience during the online class. Quality & Customer service is our top priority. We are here to build a life-long connection and a community of like-minded creators, so we can all help each other grow.

How it all started?

Hi! My name is Gitali. I am the founder of The Craft Space. Here is a short story of how it got into soap making & crafts.

In 2016, I was struggling through a lot of stress & sadness due to some family issues. I was sad & unhappy. I had some time at hand in the evenings after work, so I bought acrylic paints and canvases & just started painting. I used to paint in the evenings & learn from YouTube tutorials. This helped my mental health tremendously. I loved putting those colors on the canvas and I still love it! That was very therapeutic for me and it helped me through the tough times.

Now, even though I loved paintings, it would take me hours to finish a single painting & I did not want to leave in between and start again.Whenever I tried that, I would never get back to finish it. Those paintings are still not completed to this day. So, I started searching for new hobbies that I could complete in less time, and gives me the same therapeutic and relaxing effect.

In 2017, One day I was going through Pinterest & found a pin that was named “Homemade Soap” & I was like- What? We can make soaps at home?? I was all excited and started my research online. Thanks to various helpful Facebook groups & YouTube tutorials, I finally found a way to make soaps. As a beginner, I had a few failed batches, but they are all now a part of my experience. After practicing & learning different soap techniques, I just fell in love with soap making. My love for art & science was now combined & I created some beautiful batches of soap (A simple bar of soap is still my favorite though). This journey was not just therapeutic but rewarding also for me. That’s why I have a special place for soap-making in my life.

Like most beginner soap makers, I also made many more soaps than I needed, so I started selling my soaps in 2018.  It took me two years to realize that I enjoy sharing my process of soap making with others, more than selling the soaps. I kept thinking about it for some time & finally took a plunge and formed “The Craft Space” for creators.

Here I provide real-time online soap-making classes. I noticed that there are not too many soap makers who provide real-time classes, so I decided to take my time to meet with other creators / crafters, who want to learn soap making, and make soaps with them.

My vision is to bring more creators on board and provide various handmade product classes and create a community of crafters.

I believe in sharing my knowledge with the world. In 2022, I started sharing my love for crafts on Instagram & also gathered the courage to post Soap-making and other craft tutorials on my YouTube channel – “Craft with Geeta”.

Now that you are already here, please go through my website & see what intrigues your interest. I will be happy to help you if you have any questions / queries.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any queries- geeta@thecraft.space

About our Soap-making course-

It’s not just a Soap-making course, It is an experience. Soap-making can be very therapeutic and rewarding. Once you learn the cold process soap-making technique, you will be able to create soaps with your choice of color and fragrances. You can even make it artistic by adding your imagination and creativity to it.

Our soap artist herself will be conducting this class online in real time.

All participants will be making soap during this interactive class.


Cold process soap-making class - 2.5 hr. Real-time class + one 20-minute free Q&A session


  • Max. 5 participants per class for individual attention
  • Real-time class (no pre-recorded classes) with our soap artist Geeta
  • List of material needed- provided
  • Soap recipe will be provided
  • No hidden costs
  • Follow up Q/A session a few days later at no extra cost

Benefits of learning the cold-process Soap making technique:

  • Make customized soaps for your family and loved ones
  • Scale your business by adding these to your product line.
  • Create soaps for specific skin issues like dryness, eczema, etc.(by changing the recipes)

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